About Us

At B&K Cleaning Services, we offer top-notch cleaning services for commercial, residential, and construction spaces in the southwest region of Colorado. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service and we pay close attention to every detail to ensure the best results.


To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy with a vision to change the way we think about saving our community and planet.

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Our Values


Our team of trusted commercial and construction cleaners has a proven track record of successful partnerships. In addition, our team can complete any job, anywhere – on time.


B&K Cleaning Services’ transparent process allows us to respond to changing client needs.


We deliver exceptional customer service to our customers in the most efficient and timely manner.
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How B&K Cleaning Services Was Born

Brandon Sorrells Sr, Founder of B&K Cleaning Services, grew up in a happy, loving household with 1 other sibling. His mother, Sharon, worked hard to make ends meet. Sadly she passed in November 2001 and pushed Brandon to be the best he can be. Brandon and his sister were assigned weekly chores and expected to perform them with quality, without complaint. In fact, when he was 13 if he came home from school and rushed unfinished chores just to go outside to play, he would get hunted down by his mom and brought back home to do the chores correctly. In other words, Brandon grew up learning to clean and clean well.

Today, Brandon believes that whatever you do should bring you satisfaction. He not only knows how to clean but how to have a positive attitude in the process. As a result, he likes to share that with those around him. He uses his keen sense of detail to ensure clients and employees are happy with B&K Cleaning Services. Brandon believes you get what you work for. That’s why he created B&K Cleaning Services: to create opportunities for community members to not only make a sustainable living in the cleaning industry but to also have pride in the work they do.

As the most energetic janitor in town, Brandon has a hearing disability and doesn’t find many deaf-owned businesses that have been successful. Brandon says “I want to stand as an inspiration to the disabled and deaf community. As positive and productive members to society, B&K Cleaning Services will make our contribution to the community by delivering excellent services and customer satisfaction from B&K Cleaning Services LLC.”

We Invest In Our Employees

We know how to set our teams up for success, giving them the right tools, training and sustainable compensation. Above all, we believe we have a social responsibility and that our company thrives when our employees and the communities we belong to are thriving. 

Our Cleaning Process

First, request a free consultation and competitive quote by clicking here. We will respond promptly and establish a team roster with main points of contact and introductory initiatives.

Next, our management team will meet with you to develop a better understanding of your cleaning needs. We will also discuss the ideal schedule and what duration of service is anticipated. Ideally, we walk through the site with you, or look at photos together, to gain an accurate understanding.

Then, we will develop an optimal service plan, including lower-cost options that won’t sacrifice quality, to best fit your needs.
For large jobs, or government contracts, we will provide a detailed proposal. For smaller jobs and residential work, we will provide a statement of understanding. This writing makes everything clear on all sides, and stems from our commitment to honesty and transparency. You’ll know precisely what you’re paying for.

There will be no confusion about what we are committing to do, and what you can expect.

Next, we will begin services on agreed-upon date at agreed-upon location(s).
B&K Cleaning Services will be there on time and will work hard. Our management will respond to any concerns or changes needed.
The job itself is the heart of our process, of course. We take our commitments very seriously and work to the highest standards.

Lastly, we will evaluate progress continuously to ensure full satisfaction and determine new needs or requirements.
B&K Cleaning Services communicates with you throughout the project to make sure you are satisfied. We are dedicated to continuous self-improvement and resist complacency. At the completion of the project we will follow-up with you to review your experience with B&K Cleaning Services

Client Testimonials

We have used B&K Cleaning Services LLC every week for months now and they are always reliable, do an amazing job and have quick communication! I would 100% recommend them. They are kind and respectful individuals that get the job done so well with their own equipment! They even do extra things that weren't asked of them but they see need to be cleaned just to help us out! We are so grateful for them!

Chloe Weybright

Commercial Cleaning, Riverhouse Children's Center

Very professional and reliable. I appreciated actually signing a contract that detailed the scope of work to be performed. Strongly recommend!

Holly Simmons

AirBnB Cleaning

B&K are an excellent team with great attitudes that provide thorough cleaning! It has been hard to find people in the area that want to do more than light touch cleaning. We need more help in our house-living in a rural area, having animals, an older home. B&K don't mess around. They are thoughtful and communicative, and have really helped get our home back in order. They also offer deep cleaning and some more industrial cleaning services as well, which we are going to incorporate as we work our way through the home. I'm so happy to have them work in our home, we feel so lucky to have found them. P.S. the house literally stays cleaner longer after they have paid a visit-not sure how or why, but it's a fantastic perk.
Alicia Smiley

Residential cleaning

B&K Cleaning Services, LLC were wonderful. We really appreciated the prompt response and the work that was done for us. If you need professional cleaning, this is the company to use in the Southwestern Colorado area!

Patrick Terry Murphey

Residential Move out clean

First class service and cleaning! The absolute best at what they do! On time and professional.

Dan Spain

Commercial Cleaning